SAW Launches Capital Campaign

SAW'S Plans to Purchase The Grand Palace AND the Event Center Business!

Special Angels celebrated their very first event at The Grand Palace, "A Night Of Music and Art With Angels".
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One of SAW’s long term goals is to achieve financial sustainability.  We are now closer to this reality with the opportunity to purchase the Grand Palace facility and event business for our Angels.


Pursuit of this opportunity didn’t come without tremendous team effort, beginning with the following.

  1. Facility Search/Real Estate team: Vernon Smith, Chair

  2. Financing Team: Jack Sellers, Chair/Sonja McCain, Vice President, Relationship Manager

  3. SAW Board of Directors: 3-phase Capital Campaign to raise $188,000


Phase I: Invite Founding Benefactors to participate in our Campaign and invest in our future by donating $5,000 or more to jumpstart our campaign.  Six Founding Benefactors whole-heartedly said yes!  Their remarkable gifts enabled SAW to progress into phase II.


Phase II:  SAW slid right past phase II (to host a private event inviting 100 donors willing to contribute $1000), as we were blessed with a Very Generous Donor who pledged to match the funds raised (up to $90,000)!


Currently, with donations/pledges/matching, SAW has raised $105,000.


Phase III:  Using the event, “Celebrating Music and Art with Angels” to kick off our Public Campaign, the goal was set to raise $50,000.  With the remain funds available from our matching pledged by our very generous donor, SAW can achieve its goal!


Each guest attending the 2/11 Celebration was challenged to take our campaign to the community.


  1. Each person took 1-2 envelope packets (5 envelopes/packet).

  2. Each person will ask 5 people whom he/she believes would help us by contributing $50 or more.

  3. 200 people x 5 envelopes of $50 each = $50,000!



The Closing date for the purchase of the Grand Palace is scheduled for 3/31/17.  SAW would like all moneys collected by 3/15.

To help, please call SAW for your packet of 5 envelopes.  281-292-2073.

Special Angels of The Woodlands Has Opportunity
To Purchase Own Facility and Business.

As you know, over the years SAW has leased its facilities, limiting the number of clients it could serve.


In response to the growing needs of our community, the SAW Board of Directors has made the commitment to expand our programs to include 100 clients.  We have recently discovered a great opportunity to purchase a facility that fulfills so many of our expectations.  It is move-in ready to accommodate our client's needs.  With 7,500 sq. ft. on two acres, we have room to grow.  And, it provides SAW a unique business opportunity.  The facility is known as the Grand Palace, an event center that is an affordable venue for weddings, parties, company meetings, etc.  Revenue from the Grand Palace Event Center will pay all our facility costs.


Caitlin Millspaugh, current manager of both PaPa’s Icehouse and The Grand Palace Event Center, has agreed to join SAW, continuing to manage the Event Center business and helping with SAW fundraising.  She is so enthusiastic!  We have been blessed with such an incredible opportunity.

Special Angels of The Woodlands has entered a purchase agreement for $1,250,000.


In the interim, we are leasing the facility from the owners, jointly managing event operations, and sharing Event Center profits during the lease period.  Our clients assist in event preparations, and the events occur at times when our SAW programs are not in session. This facility and business opportunity truly make a great fit for us.

With the Special Angels unable to raise the funds themselves, the SAW Board of Directors is launching a Capital Campaign to raise $275,000 for the loan down payment and related costs.  We are hoping that you will be able to join us for our capital campaign event and support our efforts to purchase a permanent home for our Special Angels.  This event will be held at our new facility!

SAW has received a very special blessing with a patron who has pledged to MATCH funds raised from our Capital Campaign event!  Praise God!!!


Your donation is fully tax deductible.  And… your donation is doubled!

All donations are deeply appreciated.  And, sharing our campaign with your family, friends and business contacts is absolutely adored!


Thank you for this very special effort on your part

to provide our Special Angels with their own home!

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