Volunteer Your Talents

Volunteers Are Heavenly Sent

We Welcome Your Time

Every day we wish for another pair of hands. Helping our Special Angels load and unload from the buses, passing our craft materials, or assisting during field trips are times when volunteers rise to sainthood. With just a 2-3 hours per week commitment, you could make a huge difference in the day of our Special Angels.

We Welcome Your Talent

Make a date with us. Can you lead a craft? Sing a song? Teach a skill? Plan a lunch? Play a game? Bring a movie and a snack? Organize a fundraiser? Variety is the spice of life and amazing fun is shared with new experiences.

How exciting it would be for our Special Angels if you and/or you with a group of friends had an activity to share just once a month! We encourage your creative ideas, and we very much appreciate your willingness to share your talents, thereby enriching our programs for everyone.

Volunteers Are Heavenly Sent